Who We Are

Stuart is passionate about helping people stay safe on the roads and created this website to pass on the skills he has learnt over the years to other motorists. During his career, Stuart spent 30 years working as a road safety officer for various organisations, In his various roles, he was responsible for monitoring driving standards, working with employees to improve their awareness and technique and help them to avoid accidents. Trying to improve safety on the roads has been an interest of Stuart’s ever since he was 21 and took an advanced driving test.

He realised that the habits many motorists fell into were actually putting both themselves and others in danger.

What We Do

idea of Safe Cell Driving Academy is to give motorists advice and information on how they can improve their own driving. With regular blog posts and email newsletters, Safe Cell will teach you how to monitor your own driving, improve your awareness of your surroundings and help you to spot and avoid potential hazards before they lead to a collision.