future of driving


The future of transport within the near future. Due to rising fuel costs & pollution plus health problems we have now with many deaths over 75000 deaths per year due to diesel particulates. The future of cars will be dual fuel meaning cars will be running on both carbon / electric for transmission. Many car manufacturers are now spending millions every year on rapid advances and technology to improve all electric car’s this is the car of the future none polluting.

Car manufacturers such as tesla now manufacture a all electric car that will drive for over 300 miles on one charge this is one of the cars for the future. The other companies in this field are google and its parent company they are spending millions of dollars to revolutionise batteries
Which will see cars drive. For over 500 miles .

Future car

The next electric car will be autonomous meaning driverless vehicle. This will be some time before we all get around this way but that is the future the car will drive itself in a safe cell meaning all is safe and none polluting no more traffic jams or accidents this is the way forward a healthy world for us all