young drivers take the pledge

Dangers of distracted driving. Distracted comes in many forms such as using a mobile phone/texting /talking to passengers/adjusting a radio cd player.

Doing any of the above takes cognitive attention away from your driving

Don’t think you will not be one of the accident statistics by doing any of the above eventually you will. Don’t just stop at been a safe cell driver and keeping the roads a safer place & accident free. Talk to your friends & family about road safety have a coffee morning with your driver mates & some time to talk about road safety the more we talk & think about road safety the better drivers we become don’t become a accident statistic over 70% of young deaths in the uk are caused by distracted driving taking your eyes of the road for a few seconds at 30 mph you will have   travelled for more than 50 metres and could become a road accident statistic. Take the pledge to stay safe when driving sign up for safe cell driving’s email to help you stay safe when driving




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